Free App Fridays: Touch and Learn Emotions

Just a quick review today, but it's a simple app that doesn't need a lot of explanations. Individuals who have autism sometimes struggle with recognizing facial expressions and the emotions they communicate. This simple app, produced by Grasshopper Apps, is meant to help that. This is a super simple app; it shows you four photos of faces and says an emotion. The user touches the face that corresponds to that emotion. It's like a set of flashcards for studying facial expressions. I do have a few criticisms of this app; one is that some of the facial expressions are a little ambiguous (is that frustration or disgust? Hard to tell), and the sound effects are a little annoying. However, the app

More Autism Resources

According to a study by the Utah Registry of Autism and Developmental Disabilities done in March of 2016, one in 50 eight year old children

Free App Fridays: Breathe. Think. Do.

The Sesame Street Workshop produces a lot of useful and educational apps for young children, and you'll be seeing several of them make an appearance here-- but I was particularly impressed with the app Breathe, Think, Do. The app features a monster from the show who encounters various real life challenges-- from putting his shoes on to separation anxiety. These are situations which can be frustrating for any child-- but especially for children who have disabilities that affect their emotional processing skills. The player helps the monster cope with these situations by walking them through the steps of taking deep breaths, thinking about possible solutions, and then acting on those ideas. In

Some Thoughts for Mother's Day

This is not quite what I usually blog about here, but let's just take a second to talk about how awesome Mothers are. I mean, it's Mother's day, the day when most of us suddenly wax poetic about our mothers-- and when most mothers I've met feel guilty because they don't realize just how well they stand up in comparison with that praise. I suppose insecurity is a normal part of being human-- I certainly deal with that myself-- but it seems like most of the women I know well that are mothers carry around a lot of guilt that they aren't as organized or as put together or as even-tempered as they feel like they should be. So let me say this-- if you are raising a child or have done so in the pas

Autism Resources In Utah and Online

If you read our blog post on Cerebral Palsy Resources, then you've got an idea of what to expect-- but the number of resources I've been able to come up with is so long that I'm breaking this post into two. The second half will be posted in a few days. You might also notice that some of the resources from that CP post are appearing here as well. Some of these resources are relevant for individuals who have a variety of disabilities I'll still include the links and information in each relevant resources post for ease of reference. Like before, none of these organizations or companies are directly tied to or sponsoring Aim High Music Therapy. I'm just hoping to share some of the resources that

Free App Fridays: Mission Rescue Kloog

Social skills can be a challenge for kids who have autism (and other disabilities as well), which is something we've discussed in the past. This free app, developed by the Shine Centre for Autism in Ireland, intends to help with that. The premise of the app is that an alien, named Kloog, has crash landed on the planet Earth. In order to fix his ship, he needs to get help from the local humans. The problem is that, for this space alien, social skills are an 'alien concept'. So he needs your help to figure out how to interact with humans appropriately. If this sounds like the premise of a game-- well, I thought so, too, and I'll admit to being a little disappointed that the app is really more

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