Free App Fridays: Beamz

This is sort of an odd case as far as free Apps go-- while the app is free, it's meant to go with a piece of hardware that isn't. Still, the app is still functional as a stand-alone app. Basically, Beamz is a music making device by Beamz Interactive, Inc. If you purchase and use the Beamz controller, you are able to control music by interrupting laser beams with your hands. This is a gadget I've used before in music therapy sessions in a previous job; it's great for working with clients who have limited mobility (say, because of cerebral palsy) and it's incredibly fun to use. But even if you don't have access to the physical controller, the Beamz app allows you to do the same thing by touchi

Free App Fridays: Jumble Encryption

Most of the apps we cover in the Free App Friday series are either apps that you can use to have fun making music, or apps that can be used to help treat and manage disabilities. (Or a little of both). This app, however, is actually a bit more for therapists. Jumble is an encryption app that allows you to send and receive encrypted emails from your own email account. In today's increasingly online world, there are a lot of reasons to want to be careful with your data. But for therapists, doctors, and other people in the medical field, this app can help with HIPAA compliance by making sure that client information is protected. Jumble is free for personal use. For businesses the cost is roughl

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