Free App Friday: MyNoise

There are a lot of noise generators out there, and they have a variety of uses; relaxation, creating atmosphere, and masking other noises to name a few. But the best one I've found by far is Mynoise has a huge variety of sound generators, from standards like rain and fire, to intricate forest and desert soundscapes, to purring cats, to odd synthetic tones, to star trek spaceship engines. The sounds are very high quality, usually sampled on location by the site developer, Dr Stephane Pigeon. (Yes, that really is his name.) Everything is very customizable, and the sound generators can be stacked-- so you are bound to find something that works for you. A lot of people with ADHD fin

Sensory Processing Disorder

This is the first in a three part series on Sensory Processing Disorder. This first post explains about what the disorder is and how it works. Future posts will detail how music therapy can help individuals who have this disorder, as well as resources online and in the community. This is a topic that is rather personal for me, because I personally have sensory processing disorder, as well as some auditory processing issues. Unfortunately, these issues are not very well understood or researched, but I wanted to take some time to discuss what we do know. What is Sensory Processing? For every sense we have, there are two components-- the organ receiving the sensation (ie, your eyes, your ears,

Interview with This Podcast Has Autism

A new podcast was recently released called "This Podcast Has Autism". They're just getting started, but their goal is to make a show celebrating autistic individuals and their talents, as well as providing information about autism and autism resources. I was actually able to do an interview with Bran, the podcast host, for their third episode. Be sure to check it out! And if you found us because of the podcast-- welcome! If you want to see other things we've posted about autism in the blog, be sure to check out our autism tag. Thanks everyone, and see you soon! #autism #resources #podcasts #musictherapy

More ADHD Resources

Several months ago we ran a blog post series on ADHD-- including a list of local and online resources. Since then we've become aware of some additional resources that we wanted to share. Thank you everyone who contacted us to help us find out about these places! If there is a resource for ADHD, Autism, or any other group that we serve, feel free to contact us and let us know so that we can share. Now on to the resources! Huntington Learning Center Huntington Learning Center is a national chain of tutoring facilities, including several branches here in Utah. (A new center just barely opened up in South Jordan; I've had the chance to meet the local owners and they are great people!) They offer

(801) 871-8036

South Jordan, UT, USA

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