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Free App Fridays: Blowgical Melodica

Welcome to the first Aim High Music Therapy Free App Friday!

I'm a big believer in using technology, as a therapist and as a business owner (and as a person who is prone to forgetfulness. My smartphone is basically my external brain.) So I'm always looking for new apps and tools that I can use. My idea is to share some of these apps with you. Some of them are apps that are used for functional skills or education (ie an app for helping kids with autism develop social skills, or an app for learning to play the piano), some of them are apps that I use in music therapy sessions, some of them are just odds and ends that I think could be useful for the types of people that read this blog. I'll try to find apps that work on both apple and android devices, but here and there I'll have chromebook apps or websites. The main criteria is that every app is free-- or at the very least has a free version or a free demo.

My hope is that this will help get the word out on some resources that individuals who have disabilities can benefit from. If there is an app that you think I should be covering, please feel free to let me know in the comments or on the 'Contact Us' page.

The first app I'll be sharing is a little one called Blowgical Melodica.

Now, a Melodica is a sort of instrument. It has a keyboard connected to a breathing tube. You blow into it, like a woodwind instrument, and use the keys to determine the pitch. It looks and sounds like, well, this:

Now, if you're wanting to play Queen, you need a real melodica and a lot of practice. But if you want an inexpensive way to play with the sound of a melodica, Blowgical Melodica might be the app for you.

The app features a small keyboard on the touch screen, and comes with an (optional) setting that requires you to blow on the microphone in order for the keyboard to function. As a music therapist, there are all sorts of useful ways to use this-- Say, for example, a client who is working on improving their breath control. Or someone who is trying to work on divided attention-- aka multi-tasking, trying to focus on controlling their breathing and playing the instrument at the same time.

The website for the company which made the app, CustomWorlds, appears to be down, but you can download the app on Android and Apple devices.

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