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Free App Fridays: Breathe. Think. Do.

The Sesame Street Workshop produces a lot of useful and educational apps for young children, and you'll be seeing several of them make an appearance here-- but I was particularly impressed with the app Breathe, Think, Do.

The app features a monster from the show who encounters various real life challenges-- from putting his shoes on to separation anxiety. These are situations which can be frustrating for any child-- but especially for children who have disabilities that affect their emotional processing skills.

The player helps the monster cope with these situations by walking them through the steps of taking deep breaths, thinking about possible solutions, and then acting on those ideas. In other words-- the steps that can help a child deal with these sorts of challenges in real life.

The app allows children to roleplay solving problems before they happen in real life. The app includes a parent section with ideas on how to use the app to deal with various specific challenges your child might be dealing with, from struggling with transitions to aggressive behavior. and bullying.

I keep saying "children", and that is certainly the target audience, but teenagers with developmental disabilities could also use this app.

The Sesame Street Website doesn't seem to have this app listed anymore, but you can find it at both the google play and apple app stores.

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