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Free App Fridays: Touch and Learn Emotions

Just a quick review today, but it's a simple app that doesn't need a lot of explanations.

Individuals who have autism sometimes struggle with recognizing facial expressions and the emotions they communicate. This simple app, produced by Grasshopper Apps, is meant to help that.

This is a super simple app; it shows you four photos of faces and says an emotion. The user touches the face that corresponds to that emotion. It's like a set of flashcards for studying facial expressions.

I do have a few criticisms of this app; one is that some of the facial expressions are a little ambiguous (is that frustration or disgust? Hard to tell), and the sound effects are a little annoying. However, the app has some excellent customization settings, allowing you to replace the voice and sound effects with your own, to upload your own photos, and to choose which emotions the app will pull up.

It looks like this app is currently only offered for apple products. You can find the app available for download here.

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