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Free App Friday: MyNoise

There are a lot of noise generators out there, and they have a variety of uses; relaxation, creating atmosphere, and masking other noises to name a few. But the best one I've found by far is mynoise.net.

Mynoise has a huge variety of sound generators, from standards like rain and fire, to intricate forest and desert soundscapes, to purring cats, to odd synthetic tones, to star trek spaceship engines. The sounds are very high quality, usually sampled on location by the site developer, Dr Stephane Pigeon. (Yes, that really is his name.) Everything is very customizable, and the sound generators can be stacked-- so you are bound to find something that works for you.

A lot of people with ADHD find that having the noise generator on to a preferred setting helps them focus. Individuals with auditory and sensory processing disorder might benefit from the sound masking qualities, or from readjusting their sound sensitivities (something we'll be talking about soon in the SPD blog post series). Sometimes I just like having this on because, believe it or not, after a full day of work I can get a little tired of music (but still want some kind of background noise). Whatever your reasoning, be sure to try mynoise.net out. The website is free to use, though it is supported by donations. They also sell tracks you can buy to listen to offline. And there is a free app for both android and ios, though it comes with limited free sounds with in-app purchases for some of the more diverse samples available on the website.

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