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Where Can I Find a Music Therapist?

We've been having some busy times here at Aim High MT, for reasons that I might elaborate on in a future blog post. But for now here's a quick post on a question that I've received a few times: Where can I find a music therapist?

If you live in the Salt Lake area, and are interested in music therapy services for yourself, your child, your student, or your client, you should contact us! We offer free, no obligation consultation meetings where we can get to know you, answer your questions, and give recommendations for treatment.

But some of those reading this blog post don't live anywhere near Salt Lake City, or need a music therapist who has a specialty that we at Aim High Music Therapy do not currently provide (such as: Addiction Recovery, Stroke Recovery, Music-Assisted Childbirth). In that case, what are your options?

The first place I would recommend is the website for the American Music Therapy Association. This national association advocates for music therapy, and provides training and resources for music therapists. More to the point, the website has a searchable directory of music therapists by state, specialty, qualifications, and other factors.

Another resource for finding music therapists is the Certification Board of Music Therapists. The CBMT is in charge of the board exams which music therapists are required to take in order to become certified. (I guess that's pretty obvious from the name, but there you go.) There is a searchable directory on this page as well, though unlike the one on the AMTA website it doesn't include any contact information. Instead, the CBMT website lets you look up music therapists by name, area (even outside of the US), and licence number.

Here in the state of Utah, we have a state organization of music therapists. The website for the Utah Association of Music Therapists includes a directory of music therapists in the state, which contact information, business information, and what populations they work with.

That's it for now, but see you soon!


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