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Gifted and Twice Exceptional Learners, Part One

June 27, 2017

Hey! Aim High Music Therapy is looking to offer some social skills groups later on this summer, but we need your help! If you have a child and live somewhere around South Jordan (or know someone who does) that could benefit from a social skills group, would you take five minutes and fill out our survey? Knowing more about how many people are interested and what their needs are will help us to plan more effectively. Thank you! <3 Jennifer


Since we attended (and presented at) the UAGC Conference this month (that's the Utah Association for Gifted Children), I wanted to do a blog post series on gifted learners.


This is a topic that's very close to my heart-- I am passionate about so many populations and groups that I have the opportunity to work with, but this was what made me want to become a music therapist in the first place


Like with my blog posts on Cerebral Palsy and Autism, I'm going to start out in today's post by talking about what giftedness is and how it works. Upcoming posts will discuss how music therapy can be used to help gifted individuals, and some resources online and in the community.


I need to start by talking about what Giftedness actually means. And what it