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The Keys To My Car: A Story About Being In The Moment

August 19, 2017


Paul (name has been changed) was a young man with autism that I had been working with for a few weeks. He loved music, and got excited every time I came-- often coming out to meet me when I pulled up in my car, and then following me out to my car to say 'Goodbye' at the end. Paul got so excited that it was actually a problem-- he couldn't regulate his body well enough to sit still for the sessions, and would spend most of our time together running in and out of the room. I learned very quickly that if I found something that caught Paul's attention that day, I'd better run with it while it lasted.


We worked a lot on social and language skills-- one of his favorite interventions we did together was to sing "Happy" by Will Ferrell in different voices (sad, angry, excited, etc), experimenting with what different feelings sounded like. Other times we worked on playing together on an electric keyboard-- helping him learn to tolerate sharing it with another person, and practice the social interactions that come with making music together.