Children's Social Skills Groups

Our newest program: Using music and fun to help kids develop vital social skills.

Registration is Closed. Contact us to ask about future groups!

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Our musical behavior reflects our social behavior, so changing one allows us to change the other. Making music together is an ideal opportunity to practice social skills such as listening to others, following instructions, paying attention, watching for nonverbal cues, teamwork, and taking turns. Not to mention, music is inherently motivating. We make therapy feel like play!


I know this works because I have been on both sides of music and social skills

Hi, this is Jennifer, the music therapist at Aim High. 

I personally grew up with some learning disabilities that affected my social skill development, so I know firsthand how important those skills are. If you struggle with social skills, you struggle with making and keeping friends, behaving "appropriately" in school, getting along with siblings, even participating in the community! These were all challenges I had, and challenges that many children with and without disabilities struggle with.

The good news is that, while not all of us pick up on social skills "naturally", we can all be taught. For me, taking part in a school orchestra made a huge difference growing up. I had the opportunity to learn how to be a part of a group, how to work together with other people, how to listen, how to know when to be loud and when to be soft and when to be completely silent. 


These groups go beyond what I experienced in orchestra because the focus is entirely on developing social skills, and on what scientific research has shown to be effective. These kids will have the chance not just to learn social skills, but to test them out in a safe and fun environment.


I became a music therapist because I wanted to help kids "like me",  who struggled the way I had struggled. I am beyond excited to start this program because this is my opportunity to keep that promise. Your child's success means the world to me, because I still remember what it meant to be that child. And because I'm only where I am today because of the people who helped me to Aim High in my own life.

Groups We Currently Offer

Sunshine Circle

Sunshine Circle is our group for children ages 3-5. Sunshine Circle meets for a 25-minute group once a week for 10 weeks, where they work on skills such as: following directions, taking turns, and self regulation.

Leap Frogs

Leap Frogs is our social skills group for children ages 6-8. Leap Frogs meet for a 25-minute group once a week for 10 weeks, where they work on skills such as: self regulation, listening, and respecting the feelings of others.

Rock Stars

Rock Stars is our group for children ages 9-12. Rock stars meet for a 45-minute group once a week for 10 weeks, where they work on skills such as teamwork and picking up on nonverbal cues.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to register for a group?

Sunshine Circle and Leap Frogs cost $150, or $15 a week. Rock Stars costs $250, or $25 a week.

Do you accept children who have physical disabilities?

Of course! Let us know that your child has a disability when you fill out your registration form, and we will contact you to make sure that we are accomodating your child's needs.

Do you accept children who have developmental disabilities?

Yes! Please let us know about your child's disability while filling out the online registration form, and we will contact you to make sure we are accomodating your child's unique needs.

Do you accept children who are struggling with violent behavior?

In order to protect the safety of all our clients, it may not be possible to have a child who struggles with violent behavior join these groups at this time. However, please feel free to contact us; depending on your child's specific needs and situation, it may be possible to accomodate group sessions in the future. In the meantime, we also provide one on one music therapy services.

What if the group I want to register my child for is already full?

If you fill out an online registration for a group that is already filled, you will be put onto a waitlist in case someone else cancels. If the waitlist grows long enough, we may be able to offer additional groups in order to accomodate. You might also want to consider registering for our newsletter for more information about when new groups are starting.

What if my child is too old or too young for these groups?

We are willing to offer additional groups if there is enough interest, so please let us know what you are looking for! In the meantime, we offer individual therapy for children, teenagers, and adults.

Does my child need to know how to play an instrument?

No prior musical training is required; all levels of musical ability are welcome. Also, we will be providing the instruments and materials used in the group.

What if my child is the right age for one group but would fit in better with a different group?

Contact us; depending on your child's unique needs, we may consider moving them to a different group. We also provide individual therapy if none of these groups quite match your unique situation.

Do you offer individual therapy?

Yes. We also offer group rates for siblings in the same family. You can find out more about these programs on our home page, or contact us today to set up a free consultation meeting.

How can I contact you if I have other questions?

You can call us at (801) 871-8036, or email us at, or use our contact form here.

How large are the groups?

Our groups have 3-6 participants. We keep the groups small in order to improve quality of services and make sure each child is able to get as much individualized attention as possible. If more people are interested than slots are available, we may be able to offer additional groups.

Do you accept gifted learners?

Yes; we accept gifted learners, children with intellectual disabilities, and children who do not have any disabilities at all.

What if I live closer to Salt Lake City than South Jordan?

Contact us! We are looking to offer a group in SLC, and we'll be able to set it up if we can find at least three people who would be interested.

(801) 871-8036

South Jordan, UT, USA

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