Children's Social Skills Groups

Our newest program: Using music and fun to help kids develop vital social skills.

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Our musical behavior reflects our social behavior, so changing one allows us to change the other. Making music together is an ideal opportunity to practice social skills such as listening to others, following instructions, paying attention, watching for nonverbal cues, teamwork, and taking turns. Not to mention, music is inherently motivating. We make therapy feel like play!


I know this works because I have been on both sides of music and social skills

Hi, this is Jennifer, the music therapist at Aim High. 

I personally grew up with some learning disabilities that affected my social skill development, so I know firsthand how important those skills are. If you struggle with social skills, you struggle with making and keeping friends, behaving "appropriately" in school, getting along with siblings, even participating in the community! These were all challenges I had, and challenges that many children with and without disabilities struggle with.

The good news is that, while not all of us pick up on social skills "naturally", we can all be taught. For me, taking part in a school orchestra made a huge difference growing up. I had the opportunity to learn how to be a part of a group, how to work together with other people, how to listen, how to know when to be loud and when to be soft and when to be completely silent. 


These groups go beyond what I experienced in orchestra because the focus is entirely on developing social skills, and on what scientific research has shown to be effective. These kids will have the chance not just to learn social skills, but to test them out in a safe and fun environment.


I became a music therapist because I wanted to help kids "like me",  who struggled the way I had struggled. I am beyond excited to start this program because this is my opportunity to keep that promise. Your child's success means the world to me, because I still remember what it meant to be that child. And because I'm only where I am today because of the people who helped me to Aim High in my own life.

Groups We Currently Offer

Sunshine Circle

Sunshine Circle is our group for children ages 3-5. Sunshine Circle meets for a 25-minute group once a week for 10 weeks, where they work on skills such as: following directions, taking turns, and self regulation.

Leap Frogs

Leap Frogs is our social skills group for children ages 6-8. Leap Frogs meet for a 25-minute group once a week for 10 weeks, where they work on skills such as: self regulation, listening, and respecting the feelings of others.

Rock Stars

Rock Stars is our group for children ages 9-12. Rock stars meet for a 45-minute group once a week for 10 weeks, where they work on skills such as teamwork and picking up on nonverbal cues.

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